Journal History

Jurnal Wiyata: Penelitian Sains dan Kesehatan was first published in 2014 in the form of prin and began to get ISSN in 2015, the same year the Jurnal Wiyata: Penelitian Sains dan Kesehatan began to switch to online publishing using independent web .id. After getting guidance through OJS training, Jurnal Wiyata: Science and health research began to flow into the OJS system. In the course of this journal once changed the shape of the main cover once. In addition, this Journal has also changed the template/style of writing from the initial two columns in volume 1 to volume 4 no 1. After volume 4 no 2 in 2017 this journal began to adhere to a one column style this is due to internal editor problems and board switching editor. In addition, this journal is still in the pioneering stage with various problems that occur related to the number of articles in each issue. Initially, this journal still adheres to the prin system so that what is pursued is the number of pages in each issue. However, after getting online journal training, this journal starts from Volume 5 no. 1 in 2018, the journal editor team starts to determine the number of journals in each issue is 7 articles.